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Residential and Condo AC Repair in Toronto

What We Do

You rely on your air conditioning to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So when it breaks down it’s not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous, especially if you have elderly residents or young children living with you. If your AC is leaking water in your Toronto apartment, not only are you looking at a broken air conditioner, you could also be looking at a mold or water damage problem.

The good news is that if you keep your AC system properly maintained it will keep working reliably for many years. A properly maintained system will also work more efficiently, thereby lowering energy bills allowing you to recoup the cost of your system much sooner.

Air conditioning service and repair Toronto

At Service Express, our technicians can provide regular maintenance for all types of domestic air conditioning systems from single-family homes to the multi-unit systems used in apartments and condos.

Our services include fixed price annual servicing ideal for apartment complexes and condos. Alternatively, on-demand servicing can be carried out as and when you need it. The actual cost will be dependent on the size and complexity of your AC system. Please contact us on 416-637-1678 for details.

Signs your AC may require maintenance

It may not be immediately obvious that your air conditioning system is in need of a service so here are five things to look out for:

  • You have an AC evaporator coil leaking water
  • Your energy bills are becoming more expensive
  • The cool air from the vents is not as cool as before
  • Your AC system is making weird noises
  • Ice is forming on your AC unit

Why choose Service Express?

Service Express has been providing domestic, apartment and condo AC repair Toronto residents can have relied on for more than a decade. Our technicians are trained to repair and maintain AC systems from all the major brands. So no matter how large or complex your system, we have the skills and experience to keep it working reliably and efficiently.

Service Express also operates a full 24/7 emergency service which covers the Greater Toronto area, including Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York and Markham suburbs. So you have an AC leaking water in your apartment in Toronto? Don’t worry, give us a call on 416-637-1678 day or night. Alternatively, schedule a visit from one of our technicians by completing the form here.