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Service Express is proud to provide a range of residential HVAC services throughout the Toronto area. We provide the best heating and cooling service Toronto has to offer, due to a mix of our considerable product knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer service.

Essential HVAC Maintenance

If your gas furnace,A/C, heating boiler, or other piece of residential HVAC equipment isn’t working the way it should, you may be worried that you could be looking at a big bill for replacement.

But not so fast! At Service Express, we provide gas furnace repair Toronto wide, as well as A/C and heating boiler servicing and essential HVAC repairs. You may not need to stomach that bill for a replacement unit, as our highly experienced engineers will always prefer repair over replacement. If you have an older unit, having a tune-up can make your unit more efficient and save you money on your heating bill. We’re familiar with all sorts of heating equipment from those in Toronto’s oldest homes, to state of the art models.

We also provide condo fan coil repair Toronto residents love and condo fan coil replacement Toronto residents rely on.

We can help you implement an ongoing maintenance program to keep your residential HVAC equipment operating reliably and efficiently, saving you money, and keeping your residence properly and safely heated and ventilated.

Services Toronto trusts

At Service Express, we display a continued commitment to customer service. We offer a range of services, including heat pump replacement Toronto residents will always recommend. This is why you should always call Service Express to keep your HVAC system working properly.

Whether you have a specific problem you need to diagnose, you want to inquire about setting up an ongoing maintenance program for your equipment, or you’re not sure you have the right product for your needs, just get in touch.

We operate throughout the Toronto area, and provide our services to customers 24/7 – so if you have a residential HVAC emergency, call us any time of the night or day.

If you want to keep your residential HVAC equipment operating reliably, affordably, and efficiently, all you need to do is contact the Toronto-based specialists at Service Express today.